SRI= good, beautiful, harmonious, fortunate, auspicious

DAIVA = fate, luck

John Friend himself defines the meaning of SRIDAIVA as


Furthermore John describes the meaning of the word as follows:

Along our life path there is both fate and destiny. We have free choice to change our path within fixed karmic boundaries of space-time. In other ways, our bodies are fated to grow older and then to die one day, yet we all possess free will to choose our psycho-emotional responses to our fated situations. Our fates and our choices both direct us on a trajectory of painful or delightful experiences moment-to-moment. We either move toward health or toward disharmony by what we eat, how we posture and move our bodies, and by the vibratory quality of our thoughts and feelings. Skillful choice moves us on the path toward harmonic growth and expanding self-awareness, while unskillful choices lead us toward self-destruction. The path is moving toward either increasing freedom or further conditional limitations of embodiment.

To consciously journey on our life path day-to-day requires disciplined training of the mind-body. Without regular, meaningful practice of self-awareness, then we default to our unconsciously programmed fate. In Sridaiva, our divine destiny is self-created each day as we choose to create harmonious thoughts, a more balanced posture and a full heart of love. Through disciplined, mindful practice of the Bowspring dynamic posture each day, we gain the freedom to create our own destiny. Without cultivating this heightened awareness of our body-mind, we grow older each day in ever-deepening unconscious patterns of posture, emotional reactivity, and mis-perceptive thinking. Conversely, with a regular mindfulness practice of the Bowspring, we gain expanding health and harmony on our destined life path.


We want to add: All the techniques created to gain freedom in the realm of body and mind once will find their limiting. Simply because of their making of by humans [das Gemachtsein der Techniken durch Menschen] that strictly lacks the absolute view of the Higher Power. On the one hand we need to take care for keeping spiritual energy as high as possible to avoid defaults of any kind. On the other hand we need to stay humble inviting the neverending and neverborn Power to guide and to correct us. The genuine divine fate we will savor, when we listen to voices of the Absolute from above and through the canals of the people around us – by getting rid of our own wants and concepts and finally of the idea of the „I“.

Attachment of all kinds is the most profound source of any human disorders. Taking direction, how a Zen master said, is nevertheless of total need.

The saint is a mixture of humbleness and strenuous effort both in order to exit the default and to gain Sridaiva – the happy outlook.

Der freudige Ausblick – Sridaiva.