Dear Yogis,

the year of 2019 was a voyage of creative self-discovery. After having practiced classic Hatha yoga and after having been engaged into the Bowspring concept for five years it was time to establish an own philosophical space of meditation. The whole year waiting patiently for an input from above, in October, 9th it was abrupt clear: under the name of SENSING (YOGA) the next year is starting into deepening the understanding of the meaning of life.

As the precise moment of foundation I consider a meeting with friends in Munich at the Italien Shot Restaurant, Holzstraße 25. Together with Irina Sterna, Stefanie Fellinger and Constanze Kappler we were meditating about the word SENSING. Without any hesitation there was consensus about the grip of the word. For me personally it was up to this moment completely clear that SENSING is the NEW YOGA.

I owe my special thanks to all the teachers who taught me until today: Christina Lobe (Anusara), Desi Springer and John Friend (Bowspring). All my gratitude I owe to my students who provoked me to go on and on just by their trust.

This homepage will be closed soon.

Within a short time there will be pubished: – where you will find more information about the inner foundation of the project.

Thanks for following this exciting process!



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