A word by Desi

Today Desi said a very important word about the Bowspring practice: „We are so focused on working wise instead of hard. Sensitivity and mindfulnes. It’s really cool“. What a word could characterize the liquid method of a Fascia Yoga better?

Nowadays many people feel the instability of the world and the pressure having a life within it. We often feel the forcing powers to be economic and effectiv and – last but not least – fast. The technical devices and forms of communication often push us to give prompt answers. The spiritual quality of our acts and thoughts is suffering inner superficiality and emotional heartlessness. People often act as they were forced onto the defensive. And they often are.

The spiritual mind tries to keep its peace and stillness within all worldly affairs. The main attitude of such a mind is: There can nothing get lost – so, we don’t need to rush. An anxious or disturbed mind is going to loose the contact to the base of life, even sensitivity and mindfulnes, as Desi points out. It is great performance when we can stop to overleap the moments of our life, second by second. Instead, to feel deeply what’s going on and what happens deep inside us NOW. Do we have the time to feel anything?

Bowspring Yoga can be an entrance into the world of the mindful, sensitive arrangement of our life. Although the Bowspring seems to be very near to form and shape, it is soft and creative and makes you feel the entire body within greater expressions. No other style of Yoga is teaching you the significant importance of hands and feet, i.e. No other style is taking into consideration the three-dimensionality of the body as we blow up the Radiant Heart. Bowspring is looking for the great entire architecture of the human body represented by the Fascia network that keeps the whole body in form.

Bowspring is the entrance into a room called patience. Nobody is forcing you into a special outer form (asana). You can’t hurt yourself bc you are working with the body and not against it. You and the body become One through a sensitive, mindful attitude of a postclassical yogic practice.

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