John Friend’s sketchbook 2016

Don’t we all have the longing for the knowledge how things really are? Don’t many people have the strong desire for accurate insight – how the master plan of this world looks like? If you take life seriously then you want to know.

When you experience the John Friend of 2016 you see a man who really wants to know: how is the body to align in its best functional way? How is the body going to be lighter through the deepest insight into its bio mechanical powers? You’ll never see John without his sketchbook drawing manikin into it evolving geometrical relationships of body parts within different postures. How does Radiant Heart relates to shoulders and hands? Where are the knees related to the hips?

He only stops drawing to try out the ideas through practice. The figures on the paper are immediately translated into three-dimensional shapes. Pure desire and curiosity let him search for the best way of alignment. Let’s say there is a man who is obsessed about the true, absolute blueprint of the human form.

Obsession means: someone takes his talents seriously and puts his whole effort into searching in order to finally help other people out of their misalignment. All people have talents. But do they use them entirely? We often waste our god-given gifts. Stated, identifying our special talents on which we have to focus in our lives is a long-term process. There are highs and lows until we see clearly.

We can be really happy to see people who go their imprinted way, 100 %.

Johns sketch

the zero-light-tube, curved up from hips to head – intensives, palma 2016

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