So many blueprints of a very complex body (world, existence)

Today, after a Feldenkrais-Setup the instructor Sonja Augart told me about her idea of health. Health is not a condition. That one can or can’t own. Health is the ability of a person to adopt mechanisms and insights to bring body & soul back into a good alignment. The understanding of how the body works out and the easy use of this knowledge defines health.

This raises the question if there is ONE good alignment. Obviously there are many ideas about correct function of mind and body in stock. Thinking back i.e. why I went to the Feldenkrais-Setup once I have to admit: I was not sick and I did not look for a special curing. Maybe I was just curious about another way of movement and looking at the human being. How can I accumulate different tools of adjusting the human existence (when it comes out of order)?

Every alignment follows a special purpose and has its complete right within its intention. Whether you lift your toes, splay or claw them down and back into the floor – all of the actions have a special function. It seems to be essential to know about these functions in order to decide for one or a mix of them in a special situation. Wisdom is the ability to adapt to the correct tool.

The Bowspring practice is very different to all the 20th century yoga styles like Ashtanga, Shivananda, Jivamukti, Forrest, Bikram or Anusara. The Bowspring has a very specific purpose: It wants us to be conscious about our daily patterns of „movement“. We shall be aware of how we use a default outlook of the body in our daily life and maybe even in our yoga practice where we actually consider to be very aware of everything. Instead of this we often follow the standards especially when we feel out of balance. So the c-curve of the spine became a postural default in the western society. The lordotic curve is declared as pathological and in its distinctive appearance the reason for pain in the lower back.

As the Bowspring alignment looks for a vital lightness and readyness within the body lifting the practitioner’s energy, other styles of yoga have other ambitions and follow another definitions of yoga. Within the variety of offerings of awareness techniques we have to figure out which tool guides us most promising to a balanced existence. The absolute blueprint where all the strains of explorations come together like the rivers in the sea will always be of a very approximative character. The idea of having the absolute plan of the human existence is a trick of the ego.

When I go to classical ballet the teacher Philippe Fabre often warns me: „Bastian, control your hips!“. And he means that I should not stick out the butt too much lowering the body down into a plié. But exactly this is wanted by Desi Springer & John Friend of the Bowspring Practice in order to engage the posteriour muscle chain. Both is OK. The power of ballet dance has another source and ballet itself another legitimate purpose.

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