Non-attachement to a word like „Yoga“ +

By dropping down the plate „Vital Yoga“ of their studio, Desi & John go consequently on to free the human mind from any stiffening attachements. Should we be afraid about that they deconstruct our lovely toy called „Yoga“? No. Sridaiva wants us to understand ourselves as a fluid form that is able to explore the space of the human condition like water is running everywhere. If we hold our likes and traditions tight we won’t go on to unfold the potentials with that we are equipped by God’s sake.

On the other hand we as teachers are not absolved from the duty of making clear our message that we want to bring to the people. The message is more important than the trademark that sells the product. Only meditation and regular spiritual practice of all kinds reveals a true, fundamental message that is worth to be spread out into the world.

Installing a regular meditativ practice within our daily affairs is a serious challenge for those who doesn’t want to exit the world for a monastic life, but to live in and out of a deeper spiritual foundation and grounding.



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