How to create a spacious, generous yoga (style)?

Sridaiva is the consequence of a personal research and the outcome of the trust of this person’s own body experience. Sridaiva, in this consequence, is a call to everybody to hear the natural voice of one’s own body. It is a call for everybody’s courage to intuitively research the nature of human existence. In order to find out principles which are inherent to life at all. Finally to optimize and protect all sorts of life.

It seems to me of today’s importance to keep and get in focus the main issue, the essence, the principal thing of what SRIDAIVA is. The description of the alignments need to be as spacious as possible. The more it is divided into small sections, the more we press the juice into a small bottle, the more the danger of speedy explosion is given (again).

We have to speak about top-principles: Root & Rise, Push & Pull; biotensegrity; amortization – the body as a dynamic, fluid-fascial form; creativity, lightness, joy; three-dimensionality; self assurance. When one looks at a person who practices Sridaiva it should be visible a joyful freely moving person that knows about the underlying concepts of human nature. This yogi itself never gives up to explore the bio mechanics of life. The Bowspring is triggering him to invent himself again and again.

Later we can speak about elbows, knees, toes etc.

As limited human beings we have to ask ourselves: How to outlive contemporary tendencies? How to get out of a brand (of a style) into the open, eternal field of yoga? How to reach out to realize universal knowledge called wisdom? Yoga will never be definable, but we can try to give generously space – within a generous, magnanimous plan of alignment – to the divine epiphanies within the world.

Finally we have to take into consideration that Yoga is to energetically transcend the body within it as every TAO teaches it.

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