The phases of a blueprint

When you enter the Berlinian Workshop at the coming weekend you enter a room of growth. Because what you see there is new in the yogic world. It brings lot of (inner and outer) discussion with it. How can be something new in the ancient yogic world? Only there where are some innovators who doesn’t give up to explore the human body.

It is, so the idea of one of my students and friend, just as with the phases of an artist. In one moment of his life the painter prefers the color blue, later he changes to red. First he concerns about drawings, then he forms sculpture. We, the viewer, are open to like the one phase more than the other. But we have to be engaged with the full volume to really recognize the artist.

John Friend has a childish, innocent joy by discovering the genuin form of a dynamic, genuine human body. Without having an absolute view it lays in nature that such an unconditional search is subject to breaks & changes. And he explains whenever you want to hear it that it was not easy to let go. But life is pushing, though also merciful – by giving him Desi Springer to the side as the underlaying and neverending trigger of the new phase.

The artist has to respond to the actualities of his time with his always newest expression. Sridaiva is a reply & an offer how to understand ourselves in terms of body & mind in the contemporary discourse. It is – by using the ancient forms of yoga – completely up to date.

Hab Mut / Take courage! – Let go & let come. The play is called Exploration.

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