Opening of all the locks – emotional vulnerability

Sridaiva, by opening the pelvic floor, by stretching the belly forward and up, by a radiant, open heart to all the sides, by a openly presented throat – it is a provocation to let feelings come up. Do we really want to feel something? Or are we looking for techniques to avoid it? A tailbone that tucks under shortens the belly – the place for emotional happenings. Many people feel unsafe in the beginning of practicing Sridaiva. Opening the gates of the body feels like an exposure of yourself. You can’t hold back your true being behind a mask of an outer form. Sridaiva challenges your full being on all levels. Do you really want to feel anything? Isn’t it better bc more safe to live like a machine? Sridaiva wants you to give up the control of your expression, the diminishing of the capacity of your Self. Life becomes fuller, vulnerable. We offer our whole Self within a stability that gives us a hold of it.

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